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Terms and Conditions of Warranty


1. This warranty applies to some specified products purchased at all The Guitar House physical stores & Online stores. 


2. Please be notice that the defect or damage item to be eigible with the ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT and present it for verification.


3. A warranty period is inclueded 1 or 2 years. Apart for this, a warranty period is given starting from the date of purchase as stated in the original purchase receipt issued by The Guitar House and is only valid in Malaysia. 

(P/S: The warranty period is apply to some specified products only, not all of the products.)


4. Please be notice that The Guitar House DOES NOT include any transportation fees for customers. Customers should bear all the transportation fees whether overseas or locally. Because in the event that the instrument needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for any repairs. If the customer agrees to and shall pay for all the charges in full upon completion of the service and repair.


5. Kindly be notice that The Guitar House is reserves the right to decline any warranty claims to the following conditions:

  • The Guitar House is NO LIABILITY with any defect from fair wear and tear, negligence, abnormal working conditions, misuse, lack of or improper maintenance, modification or repair of the instruments by customer themselves.
  • Moisture, heat and humidity
  • Natural disaster (eg : fire, lightning , flood etc.)
  • Customer’s own mishandling, misuse and negligence of the instrument.
  • Attempts to repair, adjust or do any modification of the instrument by any THIRD PARTIES other than Guitar Collection’s personnel.
  • The original purchase receipt does not shows the product's model, serial number, and date of purchase of the product
  • The serial number of the products is not complete, missing, or tempered with in any manner.


6. The warranty is non-transferable  and only valid for the original purchaser and none of the rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions may be assigned or transferred. A person who is not an applicant for the warranty shall no have the rights under the contract to enforce any terms of the warranty. 


7. The Guitar House reserves the right to change and modify the Terms of Warranty at any time without prior notice.